Ideas Abu Dhabi Festival 2019

If you’re looking for something to stimulate your mind, then look no further. Ideas Abu Dhabi is back on March 27-28 with loads of brilliant activities. Ideas Abu Dhabi brings together virtual reality film makers, hyperloop and hip hop, brain-machine interfaces and beautiful origami.

The programme is packed with activities, games, talks, concerts, and more! Celebrating its third year, the event will be held between 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm at New York University Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island on 27 and 28 March.

Designed for the whole family to enjoy, here are the top 15 things that you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on at this year’s Ideas Abu Dhabi Festival:

Immersive Performances:

  1. Emirati pop-sensation Balqees is set to wow audiences on March 27th, with a stunning performance that includes award-winning songs from her record-breaking albums
  2. Lend an ear to Emirati master of oud (lute), Ahmed Al Shaiba
  3. Check out ‘Arabs Got Talent’ finalist Daneel Sayegh, as he belts out fan-favorites in a performance you’re sure to remember
  4. Get ready to be spellbound by a talented dance performance by international Belgian choreographer, Kriman
  5. Enjoy the acoustic sounds of Jordanian pop/RnB artist, Dina Rabadi

Inspiring Festival Talks:

6. From Attenborough to Hawking, the challenges of pioneering immersive storytelling in VR and AR – Come and listen to Anthony Geffen, an Academy and Emmy-award winning director, as he reveals how he and his team have broken the traditional rules of filmmaking and created stunning new ways to tell stories with the latest cutting-edge technologies in virtual and augmented realities.
7. Merging brains and machines – Join Jose del R. Millán, one of the world’s leading experts in robotics and brain-machine interfaces, as he explains how in the next few years your brain could be merging with your computer. Discover how he has transformed the lives of his patients with physical disabilities by giving them the power to move robotic arms or electric wheelchairs with just their minds!
8. Limitless: Lessons from an extraordinary mind – With Daniel Tammet you will meet a man with extraordinary mental abilities, someone able to learn an entire language in just one week, or recite from memory the number Pi to over 22,000 decimal places without a single error. Daniel has these gifts as an autistic savant, and he will reveal to you what exactly is going on in his brain when he uses these amazing talents and abilities.
9. Living in the Future: What will it be like in 2029? – Listen to Amin Toufani, one of the world’s leading experts on exponential technologies, as he gives you the big picture on how all the various technological revolutions taking place will combine to have a much wider and deeper impact than you realise, and how in the next 10 years life will be very different in a number of important ways.

Captivating Activations:

10. Brain Race – Use the power of your thoughts to control fantastic race cars using the latest mind-reading technologies. With focus and concentration, you can beat your friends as this activation measures and monitors your brain waves, which are converted into commands that tell the car to move! How cool is that?
11. Logic Games – Looking to boost your reasoning skills and concentration? Logic Games are a sure way to enjoy some mind-challenging games with family and friends.
12. Digital Slingshot – Get involved in meaningful conversations about topics you are interested in with the Digital Slingshot – a creative exercise that enables you to share your thoughts and slingshot them right onto the NYUAD campus’ wall.
13. BATAK Challenge – Test your reaction times and challenge your friends. Used by professional racing drivers and professional athletes to increase hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and stamina, can you keep up with the flashing lights and tap them out in time? 
14. Calligraffiti – Watch professional artist, Uday Al-Araji, mix traditional calligraphy with modern graffiti, and if you want to have a go yourself, take your creative instincts to our very own digital graffiti wall and show us what you got!
15. Curiosity Boxes – Do you dare put your head inside the mystery box? Will curiosity get the better of you? Or can you walk away without forever wondering “what if…?” Well, take the plunge and scratch that curiosity itch to find out. Take a peek inside the Curiosity Boxes and see what weird and wonderful worlds await.