Jon Snow

If you’ve ever aspired to be like Jon Snow after watching ‘Game Of Thrones’, to pledge your life and honour to the Night’s Watch, kill a White Walker with Valyrian steel and lead the army to fight the army of the dead, you could start with the hair.

Here are tips to have a mane just like Snow:

1. The Hair Length

Firstly, you need medium-to-thick density and also have a natural wavy or curly texture. This will enhance the ‘Snow’ look you’re trying to achieve. A minimum of 6 months’ growth is necessary for the mane to be as long as Snow if you’re starting out with short hair.

2. The Texture

If your hair is straight and lightweight, a good texturizing product will enhance the look for straight hair. If the hair is naturally more straight and needs more texture, the diffuser helps in setting the style so the hair doesn’t dry smooth.

3. Trim Routinely

Your hair won’t just transform into Snow’s mane on its own. Routine trims transition it into the aspired look. Keep the growth on the nape shorter and let the sides and top catch up in order for them to begin to grow in unison with the back hairline. Don’t get it cut too often though.

4. Here’s How To Style It

For achieving the right texture, length, and density: wash and condition the hair. Then, apply the texturizing or curl-enhancing product or a sea salt spray. Later, comb the product through your hair, using a wide-tooth comb for even distribution, lastly shake the hair out.