If you’re happy with your body hair, consider yourself blessed because you’re one of the rare ones. But that’s not the case all the time. Some people have excessive growth everywhere, that poses both hygienic and aesthetic challenges. Plus, sometimes, even those who don’t mind having a little bit of scruff feel like cleaning it off – just to feel clean, or to temporarily show off their progress in the gym.

Whatever may be the case, body hair removal is an area which is usually perceived to be extremely tricky by men all around. The reason? It’s not talked about often. Plus, asking your girlfriend is not going to help because she is experienced with hair removal for women, and not the Amazonian vegetation you’re up against. It’s likely that most salons will just ask you to get waxed, but God no.

Shaving might seem to be the other obvious alternative, but trust us, that is not a good idea at all when it comes to body hair removal. What’s the solution, then? Trimming. Why we pick this one over shaving and waxing? Let’s discuss.

1. No Pain

This is the most obvious reason. Have you ever been waxed? It’s like being set on fire. So, no. Shaving is no good either because gliding a piece of sharp-ass blade all over your body? No thanks. Trimming on the other hand, is a cakewalk. Pain, what, where?

2. No Risk

Waxing can lead to bad skin conditions if your skin is too sensitive, including redness, irritation, and pain, obviously. Shaving can get you cut, plus if that happens around the pubes. But trimming is absolutely safe, if you are a little careful.

3. Can Be Done On Skin That Is Going Through Conditions

If a specific part of your skin is damaged, or is healing, or is going through conditions like lesions or pimples, shaving or waxing will wreck you. Careful trimming will do the job smoothly.

5. What Happens Afterwards

After you shave, after a day or two, the hair comes back thicker. You know that absolutely horrible feeling of rough, coarse hair irritating the skin in your armpit, pubes, or butt crack? This will definitely happen if you shave or wax. But once you trim, the hair does grow back but it doesn’t have that ‘cactus with a vengeance’ effect on your skin.