Face Mask

Face masks are everywhere. They started as a trend but, due to their myriad benefits, they have now become a staple in our beauty routines. You can use them daily, weekly or even just before a special event, but the bottom line is you must mask.

Masks boast a range of benefits including hydrating, plumping and renewing, while some have more unusual draws and ingredients. In a beauty world overloaded with options, we’ve broken down the best of the best. These masks will not only work to give you more beautiful skin – they also come with their own unique twist on masking.

The high performer

KNESKO masks were created by Lejla Cas, a celebrity skincare specialist. Fans of KNESKO include Chrissy Teigen, Madonna, Jessica Alba and Lady Gaga so you know they are going to be premium products that deliver results.

The masks have natural collagen gel, and serum infused with precious gemstones and minerals. They are a spa treatment on the go and the philosophy of the brand is to make time for you – to disconnect and use the time masking to recharge and rejuvenate.

The purist

Apothecary by Mamta is a UAE-based boutique brand made with only the best botanicals from around the world. Mamta has formulated her products to be 100 per cent natural – without chemicals or preservatives – with an Ayurvedic and aromatherapy philosophy.

The Sandalwood Mud Mask draws impurities out of the skin. It contains camphor and rosewater that cool and soothe the skin. It also boasts a beautiful scent, which is just an added bonus.

The innovator

Charlotte Tilbury Dry Mask is unlike most sheet masks. It is not serum or cream-based. It is completely dry but, by some magic or miracle, it leaves the skin hydrated and glowing.

The mask is a soft fabric infused with vitamins, peptides and floral extracts that are deposited into the third layer of the dermis and will last for up to eight hours. The mask can be reused up to three times and the dry formulation makes it very easy to travel with.

The life of the party

GlamGlow has the most fun range of products but their Supermud is the key staple. It’s suitable for all skin types and works to address blemishes, redness and enlarged pores.

The mask’s ingredients include a six-acid blend with glycolic and salicylic acids which, you’ll know if you read this column, are good for reducing pigmentation and clearing congested skin.

The space age

111 Skin is relatively new to the UAE market but comes with serious clout. The range extends beyond masks and was originally developed by Harley Street surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides to aid the healing of his patients, post operation.

He collaborated with space scientists, who researched accelerated ageing in astronauts, in order to develop anti-ageing and restorative skincare. The Rose Gold mask is infused with 24k gold and damask rose extract to brighten and soothe skin.