A trio of expats have completed what they claim to be the world’s longest flag to commemorate UAE National Day.

More than 100 people will be carrying the 5km creation on to the Abu Dhabi Corniche on December 2 to mark
the event.

Afghan Ibrahim Mohammad Saeed and two friends invested about Dhs100,000 buying the fabric and sewing machines to complete the project.

Work started on the record attempt on UAE Flag Day on November 3, and featured about 25 people spending six hours a day, sewing the flag together.

Saeed, 31, said he has entered the flag as a contender to the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s longest flag title, but is waiting for a response.

“Our hands became tired from stitching, but we have reached our goal – the flag is completed,” he said. “It’s 5km long and took up all of the room in the area we were stitching it in.

“I sold my land in Afghanistan to buy all of the supplies for the flag, though it was worth it.”

Currently, there is no world record for the world’s longest national flag, but there are records for largest flag flown on a pole and largest human flag, which was set in Chennai, India, in 2014.

“My purpose behind making this flag was just to give back to the country,” Saeed said.

“My father moved here a long time ago from Afghanistan and he worked hard here to feed us and educate us.

“Not sure, if we would’ve had the same fate back home.”