Fashion Curator Suhina Kohli Bahl

How does a modern women dress in order to convey authority and competence at work? You can spend a lot of time and money shopping and still not get it right, and who wants to do that? So how can you know what’s worth investing in and what’s not? And is there a formula for this?

Dubai-based fashion curator Suhina Kohli Bahl shares 8 tips and tricks on how to dress like a true #GirlBoss.

“We are now at a glorious time when women can be who they want to be. We decide and control what we speak and dream about. It’s really a special moment to celebrate womanhood,” says Suhina Kohli Bahl, fashion curator, founder & owner of Dubai-based fashion brand Curador by SKB.

Here, SKB listed down some tips and tricks on how to dress and style like a #GirlBoss:

Know your body type and embrace it

To be able to dress well, you must know your body properly and you must allow yourself to embrace it completely. By knowing this, it will help you choose the right silhouettes perfect for your body to highlight your finest assets.

Invest in essential pieces

You must know by now that undergarments can make or break your look. Do not compromise by wearing an ill-fitting inner garment to an otherwise fabulous outfit.

Maintain your grooming

If you think that how you style your hair, how you wear your makeup or how you polish your nails is irrelevant and unnecessary to dressing well, think again. It’s just as important as finding the right shoe that matches your outfit.

Find your personal style and stick with it

Following trends occasionally adds a little fun and quirkiness to your own style. But understanding and sticking to your personal style will elevate your image and take you to the next level.

Forget stereotypes

Gone are the days when suits are only associated with men. In today’s modern age of fashion, every #GirlBoss needs a well-tailored suit in at least 3 different colors.

Be a rule-breaker

The first rule about fashion is that there are no rules in fashion. But a true #GirlBoss knows how to appropriately dress for every occasion. Slip-ons on the beach, yes. Tank top and jeans in the office, no.

When in doubt…

Wear a red lipstick! There’s just something about red lips that suggests authority and power. Find the shade that best compliments your skin tone and you’re good to go.

Attitude is everything

Now that you’ve mastered your body and found your personal style, the last thing you need to do is to add a little attitude. Remember: how you carry yourself is how you will be remembered. You wear the clothes, not the other way around.

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