Dubai-based designer Suhina Kohli Bahl

After the successful launch of Curador by SKB e-commerce website last November 30, 2018, the 25-year old ‘millennial’ lady entrepreneur Suhina Kohli Bahl (SKB) has listed down the top fashion trends for 2019.

“The year 2018 had an exciting run in fashion. Designers, at least internationally, decided to walk the talk. Diversity, questioning standards of beauty and even the #MeToo movement were mirrored on runways that were as much about showcasing opinion as about fashion.” says SKB, Founder and Creative Head of Curador by SKB fashion label.

“2019 will be a year for boutique fashion labels to start taking center stage. There will be a lot of investors becoming interested in scaling up designer brands and more investment is expected. Retail, too, continues to change its tack to become the place where the consumer experiences a brand in a more holistic way. E-commerce & Instagram will help scale up young designer businesses faster,” she added.

Here, SKB listed down nine chic fashion trends in the Arab fashion world that will rule 2019:

1. Sustainability

Sustainability will be a big influencer for purchasing decisions. The percentage of eco-friendly and recycled fibres & fabrics in retail brands will go up significantly as consumers demand more sustainable lifestyle choices.

2. Functional Garments

Features such as adjustable trouser length, hidden and roomy pockets, adjustable slit in dresses and anti-stain, anti-wrinkle and easy care garments will become the norm. Year 2018 saw the re-appearance of reversible clothing and this should continue to be a part of work-wear closets in 2019, too.

3. Fine Tailoring

Sharp tailoring with focus on sleekness will be a trend. As consumers make more thoughtful and mindful purchases, they will seek quality over quantity. Price matters, but it will not be the only differentiator, as it once was.

4. Flowy, Floral and Feminine

There’s nothing straight about spring-summer 2019 — in the hems at least. The Boho dresses are here to stay, it can only mean more handkerchief hems, floaty hemlines and feminine cuts. Garden prints will be a huge trend in 2019, prints such as flowers, leaves and nature will be a certified closet ‘must-have’.

5. Sparkle all the way

This will be the year of shining, shimmering sparkles. Metallic colors will be a staple in all fashion racks as everyone wants a glowing 2019.

6. Collaborations

This year will see brands trying out multiple mediums and formats. Collaborations will be more widespread. Dipping fingers in many pies is here to stay, given the quick evolution of the world and its consumption of art, design and fashion.

There will be several collaborations from high-end brands to medium fashion labels, big fashion labels to up and coming designers. It will be one of the highlights of 2019.

7. Insta-game

Vertical videos (IGTV) will continue to change the way people use Instagram for fashion. The fashion industry continues to lead the change in the inspiring and creative ways it uses videos on Instagram, and has also been quick to embrace IGTV.

Brands, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Miu Miu, embrace IGTV from the start, are taking advantage of the different ways to play and creating innovative, vertical-first content.

With the rise of millennials and the emergence of omni-channel retail, many fashion retail brands are exploring various strategies to offer seamless experience to customers, like digitizing of in-store retail experience.

8. Fash-Tech

Marketing trends suggest various clothing brands would adopt augmented reality to create digital stores as the results become more prominent. Brands will be able to generate more-than-average footfall and transaction value.

Virtual reality is gaining traction in advance countries and is not only used as a marketing tool but also as a sales enabler. Artificial intelligence too is transforming various business processes in the form of ease of payments, providing product information, offering personalization, etc.

9. Traditionally Modern

Traditional fabrics and cultural designs will sell well on international luxury fashion market, because of its new-age use of traditional crafts. There’s a stronger integration of craft into mainstream retail brands. With several international brands sourcing crafts from different parts of the world, wearing Arab accents should be your go-to fashion mantra in 2019.