A lot has been said about eating healthy food, following different diet plans, the importance of detox and maintaining strict dietary practices. The question here is, why does everything related to healthy eating need to be so rigid, hard and fast? This probably is also the biggest reason why these dietary norms are difficult to follow and maintain.

People generally tend to either go on a binging spree or alternatively opt for detoxes and deprivation diets. The truth is, eating sensibly and enjoying a variety of foods in moderation is key to healthy eating. Not only is this approach good for your health but it is sustainable too.

The experts at India Gate suggest ways how you can stay healthy while enjoying your favourite food.

Practice what works for you

Incorporating sudden and rigid changes to your diet does not help in keeping you healthy. Instead, adopt the theory of moderation and decide what type of moderation works for you and your lifestyle. Don’t completely remove meat, sweets, and processed foods from your diet, just reduce on your daily intake.

For instance, ensure your daily meals at home comprise of vegetables and other healthy food options, and enjoy your favourite food when you go out to a restaurant or invite guests over. This way you can strike a balance between healthy eating and your cravings.

Deliciously healthy

The best way to adopt healthy eating habits and still continue to enjoy your staples like rice and bread, is to replace them with healthier options. Substitute white rice with quinoa or sprouted brown rice and opt for multi grain bread instead of white or brown bread. If you crave for something sweet, don’t curb it, just bake some cookies made from chia seed and oats. These replacements nutritious and taste as good.

Smaller portions go a long way

Eating smaller portions of food helps in reducing your calorie intake without having to starve yourself. You could make small treats for yourself to have after your meal which will fulfill your sugar urge and satisfy your hunger. Prepare a sweet pudding made from chia seeds or Quinoa fruit cocktail to satisfy your cravings in a healthier way.

Out of sight out of mind

Limit your grocery list to only buying necessary food, or food you want yourself to be eating. Avoid bringing home, processed food, sweets and unhealthy snacks that are more likely to tempt you during a hunger pang. Instead stock up on healthy snack foods like nuts, seeds, fruits and more. Buying less of the food you’re trying to limit is key to a moderate approach.

Enjoy your food

What is your guilty pleasure food? The list may be long and there is nothing wrong about it. Most of the times we find ourselves indulging in our favourite food thinking ‘this is not right’. Unfortunately this is the wrong approach. Instead enjoy whatever you eat to the fullest, as this will reduce your craving for more. Eating with guilt only builds on your cravings which is detrimental.