A new report claims that Apple is still resistant to switching the Lightning port for USB

In an apparent iOS leak, a screengrab of the new recovery mode screen in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 11 confirms that Apple is set to do away their ‘lightening connector’ chargers.

They will soon be selling only Android-style USB-C port, sparking fury among iPhone users as the move will make the old chargers redundant.

The iconic lightening charger has been around since 2012 but the screenshot of the new iOS 13 posted on Twitter by Raphael Mouton shows an image of a USB-C cable in place of the lightening connector usually seen on iOS 12.

Moreover, the laptop in the image also suggests towards the move because syncing with a computer will be handled in the Finder, now that iTunes will be split into Music, Podcasts and Books.

USB-C is the universal standard connector for many laptops and Android phones and is currently used by the Samsung Galaxy S9, Google Pixel 2, and OnePlus 6. The latest iPad Pro also has this new socket and Apple already sells a Lightning port to USB-C charging cable, reported Daily Mail.