Bahrain to roll out new wages scheme from September

Scheme will mean Bahraini employers will have to transfer employees' salaries directly into their bank accounts


Bahrain will implement its much-delayed new wage system from September, meaning employers will have to transfer employees’ salaries directly into their bank accounts, according to a report on Friday by the Gulf Daily News website.

The Wage Protection System was launched last year but its implementation was delayed to give retail banks and providers more time to prepare for the management of the scheme.

“We are now in the administrative phase and expect the Wage Protection System to be rolled out by the end of summer,” Ausamah Al Absi, chief executive of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority, was quoted as saying.

“The first phase of the scheme will cover all big companies, followed by small companies and then domestic workers in the country. This entire process could take over a year until all domestic workers are also covered under the Wage Protection System.”

The Wage Protection System will mean that employees will no longer be paid in cash but will receive their wages directly into their bank accounts.