Chef Emad Zalloum shares his passion for Arab Cuisine

Chef Emad has been wowing guests regularly with his variety of exquisite Arabic food

Emad Zalloum, Head Chef at Sambusek

When it comes to authentic, elegant and delicious Arab cuisine, Chef Emad Zalloum knows exactly what is required to leave a lasting impression on residents and visitors in Abu Dhabi.

Since joining Sambusek, an established Lebanese restaurant at Rosewood Abu Dhabi, as their head chef in 2012, Chef Emad has been wowing guests regularly with his variety of exquisite Arabic food. It is easy to see why given that he has learnt from some of the best chefs in the industry during his 20 plus years in the hospitality industry.

Every day, Chef Emad and his talented team makes sure the true essence of every single dish on the menu is captured and more importantly is rich with flavor, whether it is an appetizer or a dessert.

With Abu Dhabi now home to more than 100 nationalities, there is no shortage of options when it comes to international and local cuisine. Having seen Sambusek become one of the top restaurants in the UAE capital, Chef Emad is on a mission to increase the popularity of Arab cuisine to everyone in the emirate.

Besides spending valuable time in his kitchen to not only produce his authentic dishes but ensuring his talented team of chefs lives up to his expectations, Chef Emad also gives his guests a unique experience when it comes to dining.

The Lebanese native has already hosted two special events this year, cooking a selection of dishes right in front of people. Every Thursday during March and April, Chef Emad offered a first-of-its-kind concept at Sambusek by preparing a traditional Lebanese meal just like it was served as home.

Titled ‘At Home with Chef Emad’, the man himself engaged with his guests and shared plenty of tips while cooking the most mouth-watering Lebanese dishes with a selection of fresh ingredients right in front of your table.

Given his charming personality and ability of creating a buzz of excitement, the dinner proved to be a huge success as he prepared a variety of appetizers and main dishes. Among those were some of his personal favorites and best-selling dishes, including his signature smoked hummus and mutabbal.

With mixed grills very popular in Arab cuisine, Chef Emad not only prepared succulent lamb chops, shish kebabs, grilled vegetables and lamb shish kebabs, but also impressed the guests with something they had never tried before. His ‘Noah’s Ark’ dish, a lamb shank cooked for 11 hours served with saffron rice and fresh steamed vegetables, was a big seller.

On top of that, during the ‘April is for Arab Food’ campaign, he continued to spread the love of Arabic food.

With food bloggers and fans of Arab cuisine in attendance at a private dinner function at Sambusek, Chef Emad made sure they were treated to an unforgettable dining experience. By revealing some secrets on how to bring out the best of flavors, he prepared a number of dishes like the best-selling smoked hummus, fattoush salad and the classic Esh Al Saraya.

It’s not just Lebanese cuisine that is close to his heart. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, guests have been treated to fatteh during Iftar. The unique dish, made with yogurt, chickpeas and oil, is rarely found in restaurants across Abu Dhabi, but Chef Emad has given the opportunity for food lovers to taste this indulgent dish which is very popular in Palestine and Jordan.

Emad Zalloum, head chef at Sambusek, said: “Since I was very young, food has always been close to my heart and as a Lebanese national, it really is an honor to be cooking delicious food at Sambusek. The restaurant has gone from strength to strength every year and this is down to the first-class service and the top-of-the-range food dishes that my team cook every day.

“Arab cuisine comes with so many flavors and with Abu Dhabi being one of the most diverse cities in the world, it is important that I continue to spread the message of how delicious Arab cuisine is and draw more nationalities to taste our mouth-watering dishes and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at Rosewood Abu Dhabi.”