With Pancake Day around the corner, that means spring is here! What better way for Deliveroo, to mark the occasion by celebrating the most colourful pancakes from around the globe.

Every year between the 3 February and 9 March, millions of people all over the world commemorate the stacked glory that pancakes represent.

From the Indian dosa, French crepe, Moroccan beghrir, Russian blinis – Deliveroo sheds light on the various shapes and forms pancakes have worldwide.

Here are a few of Deliveroo’s most popular pancakes from across the globe:

HAPI Gluten Free Banana and Choc Chip (AED 36)
IHOP Cupcake Pancake (AED 37)
Clinton St Baking Company – Spiced Japanese Pumpkin Pancakes (AED 59)
Arrows and Sparrows Cafe – Banana Pancake with Ferrero (AED 44)
Park House – Blueberry Minis Pancakes (AED 32)
Hippy Deli – Vegan Acai Pancake (AED 45)
Bert’s Cafe – Crepes with smoked turkey and Emmental Cheese (AED 48)
Logma – Emirati Muhalla crepes (AED 25)
Healthy And Yummy Zone – Vanilla Protein Pancakes (AED 27)
Byblos Sur Mer – Shawarma bil katayef (AED 56)

Pancake Day Infographic

Data stacking together Deliveroo’s top pancake trends in UAE:

> People in the UAE have ordered enough pancakes on Deliveroo to stack halfway up the Burj Al Arab.
> The most popular pancake topping ordered on Deliveroo is blueberries, followed by chocolate
> Pancake o’clock is 10:32am on Saturdays
> Crepes are Deliveroo customers’ favourite type of pancake on Sundays