Snickers knafeh

Knafeh, with its crunchy and syrupy goodness has always been hailed the pride and joy of Middle Eastern dessert. You think knafeh’s basic flavour, which even at its simplest is drool worthy, couldn’t get any better.

Enter Deliveroo, with a twist on knafeh unlike any other. Think chocolate. Think nuts. Think all your Ramadan cravings in one. In order to build up Dubai’s excitement in the days leading up to the festive season of Ramadan 2019, Deliveroo has teamed up with local favourite Ka’ak Al Manara to launch the limited edition Snickers knafeh.

For the first time on Deliveroo, as a pre-Ramadan offering, knafeh will meet Snickers in a warm, crispy & perfectly toasted Lebanese Ka’ak flatbread from Ka’ak Al Manara. As if a traditional melted Akawi Cheese knafeh was not irresistible enough already, this variation brings the chocolatey, nutty and rich in caramel goodness of a Snickers bar to the already adored dessert.

The limited edition Snickers knafeh will be available exclusively on Deliveroo for one week starting 23rd April and will be given as a complimentary pre-Ramadan present with all orders made from Ka’ak Al Manara throughout April.

Based on the public’s love and response to the limited time offering, there is a possibility that once Ramadan begins, the Snickers knafeh may even become a Ramadan specific menu item at the restaurant available at both, Ka’ak Al Manara’s location in Business Bay and their upcoming location in Media City which will open to public this summer.