The Dubai Health Authority is working towards a special fund to cover the expenses of families who cannot pay unforeseen medical bills.

This fund is separate from the Essential Benefits Package, a basic cover that every employer or sponsor must provide an employee or dependent, including maternity cover for expenses of Dh150,000.

“DHA is very close to setting up a health fund,” the authority said of cases not fully covered by insurance.

“The model DHA envisions is a health fund that covers the small number of high-expense cases or conditions that are not covered by insurance. But it is important to note under the EBP at least Dh150,000 will be covered in such maternity cases.”

The maternity cover is applicable for one year.

The health authority suggested that families that cannot settle their bills should approach assistance committees.

The DHA has a moussadah, or assistance, committee that helps patients with financial difficulties.

The committee paid about Dh67 million in bills for about 1,640 underprivileged patients at Dubai hospitals last year.