Dubai through Ihsan’s eyes, The Guy from Dubai

Name: Ihsan Eid Salhia
Age: 39
Relationship status: Married
Citizen: US

Have you heard about “tgfromdubai”, the guy behind the Instagram account with amazing pics & captures? If yes: you already know this is going to be good. If no: well, you´re in for a treat!

There´s been a lot of buzz about tgfromdubai lately. He is a landscape and cityscape-photographer based in Dubai and has been awarded by Dubai 10X and other various programs through Dubai TV and several media outlets. He invites you to the attractions that Dubai has to offer, through his lens. And believe us – its a beautiful ride!

Q&A with Ihsan Salhia

22. How long have you worked as a photographer?

– 10 Years amateur 2 Years Pro.

21. What made you want to be a photographer?

– The love and passion of capturing beauty.

20. Describe the “perfect picture” according to you.

– A sunset or Sunrise surrounded with clouds.

19. As a beginner, what should you think of if you want to become a good photographer?

– Do I smile after capturing an image. Because if you do, then it will only get better.

18. What equipment/camera do you use, and why?

– I use Sony Alpha Series cameras because I found that it just simply works best for me in helping me capture the moment.

17. In UAE there are many photographers, what makes you stand out?

– I explain the photography process in an exciting fashion on what I have called “Photo Missions”.

16. Can you speak Arabic?

– Yes.

15. Do you make a living out of your photographer skills or is it a hobby?

– I make a living off of it.

14. Favorite location to shoot?

– The Beach and Downtown Dubai.

13. What is your dream image that you would like to take?

– A beautiful water fall rolling off of a mountain.

12. Name a famous person you would like to photograph, and why?

– Peter McKennan because of his talent and his ability to correct me where I need correcting.

11. Are you a BAWS? If so, what’s your definition of it?

– Yes I am and to me that means a will respect individuals in a certain industry that is thriving.

10. Favourite food when you were a child?

– Hotdogs

9. Favourite indoor/outdoor activity?

– Boxing/Hiking

8. Chore you absolutely hate doing?

– Taking out the Trash

7. You know the world is ending 2020, what would you do differently?

– Devote my time to my creator

6. You won the lottery, what is the first thing do?

– Pay my parents debts and buy them a house

5. You have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?

– Going through my emails and social media

4. The hardest thing you’ve ever done?

– Help raise 3 Children

3. Growing up, what got you into trouble?

– Play with Fireworks

2. Last time you were nervous?

– Last Month

1. At what age did you become an adult?

– At age 11

On behalf of BAWS, we thank you for your time champ. We love and support your work all the way. Look forward to keep following on your adventures!

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