dubai frame

Just another month to go and our beautiful city will be home to the newest attarction, an iconic landmark that goes by the name of Dubai Frame, reported an article in

To elaborate more, Dubai Frame is a gigantic frame in the middle of the city that can be seem framing the various skylines that adorn the many horizons here, depending on where you’re looking from.

The Frame consists of two 50-storey towers connected by a bridge. The Dhs160 million project which started construction in 2013, is now almost close to completion.
The article stated that the Frame project consists of two 150 metre towers, 9 3 metres wide, connected with a 100 square metre bridge where ample room will be available for visitors to take snapshots of the city’s panoramic view. A cafe will also be available at the top.
Visitors at the top will have a bird’s-eye view of Old Dubai as they look towards Al Karama, Umm Hurair, Bur Dubai and Deira, and on the other side, as a complete contrast to the old, the Frame will capture the new glittering skyline of the south.
Once opened to the public, visitors will also be able to enjoy a museum located on the ground floor.
The project is expected to attract 2 million visitors a year.