1. Brunswick Sports Club


Crispy chicken crackling
Cost: Dhs15

A regional twist on the classic bar staple. Each crispy mouthful is made even more addictive thanks to the dipping pot of smoky spiced vinegar served alongside it – a perfect hunger-buster.

2. The Social Room


Goats’ cheese churros
Cost: Dhs40

A sophisticated churros. Rather than the usual sugary sweet snack, these doughy delights are infused with goats’ cheese, with a healthy dollop of truffle honey.

3. St Regis Bar


Barbecued shoart ribs and mac ‘n’ cheese croquettes
Cost: Dhs85

Decadent mac ‘n’ cheese mixed with morsels of tender short rib, fried in a crispy coating. A sweet and smoky Japanese tonkatsu glaze cuts through the gooey cheese perfectly.

4. JB’s Gastropub


Crunchy fried dill pickles
Cost: Dhs35

An alternative to jalapeño poppers. Bite through the crunchy coating to reveal a thin and salty slice of gherkin within. They are just the right level of grease.

5. Reform Social & Gril


Mini beef sliders
Cost: Dhs65

Three miniature but perfectly proportioned Australian Angus burgers are served on a narrow, wooden board. The buns are slightly charred and the meat patty is thick and juicy. It’s the perfect pub finger food.