Dubai’s unemployment rate lowest in world

Low rate attributed to fact that only working-age people with job allowed to stay in UAE

Dubai’s unemployment rate was just 0.5 per cent last year, which is said to be the world’s lowest, according to the Labour Force Survey 2018 published by Dubai Statistics Centre.

Dubai Statistics Centre executive director Arif Al Muhairi attributed such low rates to policies that grant residency visas to employees, investors, students and persons of equivalent status with the condition that persons of working-age will not be allowed to stay in the UAE without a job.

The survey also showed the refined economic participation rate as a percentage of the total working-age population reached 83.2 per cent.

Al Muhairi said: “The results of the survey illustrate the flexibility and strength of Dubai’s economy as it continues to record the lowest rates of unemployment in the world and one of the highest rates in economic participation.”

He added: “The Labour Force Survey is one of the key annual strategic statistical projects of the emirate. It is an important source of information for decision makers, policymakers, planners and labour market researchers. Carried out in accordance with the latest methodologies and standards of the International Labour Organisation, the survey seeks to identify the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of employed and unemployed Emiratis and non-Emiratis residing in Dubai.”

“The survey has used the latest technologies and smart geospatial tools to infer the data from a representative sample of 3,000 households in Dubai. The sample included 1,500 Emirati households and 1,500 non-Emirati households distributed across various Dubai communities,” Al Muhairi said.