The Abu Dhabi car owner who loaned the producers of Fast and Furious 7 some of his collection has told how he modified his cars to get them ready for the onscreen blockbuster.

Saif Alamoudi said he was proud to see the supercars on screen – and would be delighted to lend them for free if director James Wan films a sequel. Three used in the film are on display at Sharjah’s Sahara Centre until Friday.

The hit film – the ninth biggest opener of all time on the US box office – was partly shot in Abu Dhabi.

The Dhs2 million Lamborghini Aventador and Viper, priced at Dhs700,000 and Mercedes AMG C63 form part of the ‘Roaring Engines Like Never Before’ display.

Alamoudi, who runs the PP Performance car firm with his brother, said: “It was amazing to see the cars in the film.

“We modified the cars for them as well, to make them even faster and ready for such a film. We are waiting to hear from James to see if they are going to need the cars for Fast and Furious 8 and if they will film again in the UAE.”