Rubbing the back of a cold spoon on the hickey can reduce the swelling

On the face of it, ‘the hickey’, might look like a seemingly innocent bruise. But far from that, hickeys can be unsightly and embarrassing, especially if spotted by your colleagues or teachers or worse, your boss.

But, there’s no denying, there is a forbidden pleasure that comes out of receiving and giving hickeys, it’s a rush you don’t want to trade for anything else. But, if caught red-handed with the scarlet bruise on your neck, it can be equally humiliating.

The obvious solution for some people is to simply refrain from the hickey-giving-and-receiving-action. But that’s just a disheartening and sad option, because why should you stop indulging in something which is so harmless and fun and an important part of foreplay?

Here are some quick remedies that are also practical. So, go ahead and easily hide those sly bruises so you can continue engaging in this so-called ‘treacherous’ action guilt-free.

1. Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel has calming properties that soothe the surface layer of the skin giving and calming the blood vessels inside that help you get rid of the redness.

2. Ice cubes

Ice cubes can calm the bruise and help you get rid of the swollen red bumps that are visible from afar.

3. Scarves

If you have small distinct bruises on the sides of your neck that need a cover-up, scarfs are a good option. Just wear them around your neck and no one has to know why you were up till late last night. In any case, scarfs lift your outfit and add an extra layer which makes your outfit well put together.

4. Headphones

This works really well if you want to hide your hickeys from your family. Just wear your headphones around your neck and voila! Say, you’ve to meet someone for ten minutes and step out.

5. Collared shirts

Shirts usually have a collar high enough to hide that bruise. Just make sure you’re buttoning-up high so there is no scope for exposure.