Both Dubai airports could become the main hubs for entire Gulf region once bullet train-like capsules that travel at the speed of sound launch, the audience at the Government Summit was told.

The Hyperloop will be tested in Las Vegas later this year and is expected to be introduced to the UAE within 10 to 15 years, co-founder Brogan Bambrogan said.

The vehicle will be able to travel at 1,200kph and would reduce the time from Abu Dhabi to Dubai to just 15 minutes.


Bambrogan said: “The airports in Dubai could become the main regional airport.Residents in the Gulf could save so much time if they travelled to the UAE to travel because of the strategic location. For example, if someone from Egypt wanted to go to Russia, they could travel on the Hyperloop to Dubai first and then board the plane from Dubai – they would save four to five hours. Within 10 to 15 years, people in the UAE would reach from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in just 15 minutes”