The world has been in debate for many years how sustainable fashion can play a vital role in the fashion industry. And as time goes by, we witness how people’s opinion about slow and sustainable fashion changed.

Bold colors and exuberant details are not the only things that make a statement when you walk down the street but flaunting a well-made and thoughtful design can be a very nice way to show off your strong sense of style.

Sustainability has been around for many years but this step that Goshopia made, improves the availability of building a closet that is not just conscious but also fashionable.

Araceli Gallego, Founder of Goshopia is a firm believer of the 3 S’s: Slow Fashion, Sustainability and Socially Responsible Brands adding a 4th S which is Style, Goshopia wants to break the stereotype of sustainable fashion being just comfortable clothes to wear at home or to the beach.

Goshopia, launched last April of 2019 has made stirring impressions on social media with its ‘Another Fashion is Possible’ thinking, takes another step by bringing a wide selection of sustainable designs in your closet.

A line up of innovative designers has taken part of this fashion revolution – MyKaftan a clothing brand founded by Vasilisa Kozhemiako, a Dubai-based fashion designer has created great efforts into making modern alternatives to the traditional abaya and find new elegant ways to dress modestly.

Sheen is a brand founded by Nosheen Bakhsh who has dedicated her art and passion into exquisite fine jewelry that is a tangible expression of something greater; it celebrates culture and heritage through its narrative collections and drives awareness about social issues through humanitarian giveback.

These are just few of the designers Goshopia has selected to part of the fashion revolution that they are taking part in. And as the community of fashionably conscious fashionistas grow, Goshopia doesn’t stop of building the strong line-up of creatives that wants to help make another fashion possible.

Other designers on board are Martina Wyss, Marie de la Roche, Daniela Williams of Richmond Works, Vera Sukhinina, Priyanka Baid of Duet Luxury, and Michael and Julie of Facil Blanco.

Goshopia aims to make sustainability a staple in the Dubai fashion scene by helping its consumers find quality products that fit their style while minimizing their negative impact to the environment. Therefore, Goshopia believes that Green is really the new Black.