Himalaya Olive Cream

Beauty trends have recently been racing back in time, veering towards traditional herbal remedies that naturally care for our skin. Here in the Middle East, the rich and velvety hues of Olive comes immediately to our mind.

Dating back to 2000 BC and known locally as Zaitoon, Olive has a rich heritage of being used as a cleanser and moisturiser, a muscle relaxants in massages, and even as an anti-aging solutions.

Himalaya is known for expertly combining the goodness of herbal actives in order to design healthy skincare solutions. Therefore, the brand set their finest to create the luxurious, silky and moisturising Olive Extra Nourishing Cream.

Surprisingly lightweight and hydrating, the cream combines the richness of Olive Butter fortified by proprietary Plant Ceramides to deliver the perfect skincare.