For most men, that point is their 30th birthday, a watershed moment for all the wrong reasons when it comes to appearance. Lines appear. Your skin sags. Hairlines sound the retreat while unwanted body hair mounts an advance. We’re sorry, but it’s science.

The good news is that it’s not too late to up your epidermal defences and fend off every grooming issue, big and small, the next decade will bring.

The Problem: Raisin Face

The Fix: Do Damage Control

While most of us are in possession of a fairly low-maintenance mug in our twenties, come 30 it’s time to throw your skin a safety net. Because wrinkles, as distinguished as they may be, are now inevitable.

“Introducing a skincare regime that is proven to combat ageing is a no-brainer. But don’t just plump for the next gimmick or the slick marketing – ask yourself does this really work?,” says cosmetic dermatologist Dr Mervyn Patterson.

To make the answer ‘yes’, up the anti-oxidant ante with age-defence moisturiser packed with heavy-hitting ingredients like retinol and Vitamin C, which act to replenish your falling collagen levels.

The Problem: Your Hairline Is Retreating

The Fix: Lose It Gracefully

Finding a flattering haircut or growing out a patchy beard is a time-intensive process, so it can be especially upsetting when that hair decides to jump ship; something that happens to half of men over the age of 30.

But don’t lose all follicular faith just yet. If your receding hairline can’t be salvaged with a strategically chopped mop or over-the-counter treatment, take the lead of Jason Statham and Pep Guardiola and embrace the bald.

The Problem: Your Skin Lowers Its Defences

The Fix: Shave Smarter

You may have been able to get away with hurriedly dragging a razor-sharp piece of metal across your skin in your twenties, but with time now working against you, it’s wise to adopt slower strokes to minimise damage.

Elevate your grooming game by incorporating both pre- and post-shave steps into your routine, including a tonic that clears debris from the skin to reduce drag, and a reparative treatment to alleviate redness and irritation.

The Problem: Looking Dead Around The Eyes

The Fix: Relieve The Sress

Your thirties are when the excesses of your twenties comes back to haunt you. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of your life looking like an extra from The Hills Have Eyes.

Speaking of which, dark circles, veiny streaks and crow’s feet around your peepers are all signs you need to slow down, get a good night’s sleep and invest in some optical aids.

The Problem: Burnout

The Fix: De-Stress Yourself

In a blur of office all-nighters and stag do weekenders, free time and good sleep face extinction. According to the World Health Organisation, ‘burnout’ will be the world’s most prevalent health issue by 2020 and that’s bad news for more than just your mental state.

To counteract the effects of stress, stay active to encourage healthy blood and oxygen flow, and consider taking up yoga or mindfulness to boost endorphins and claw back some zen.