Henry Cavill

Here’s how to grow and maintain the mustache of your fullest potential, no matter the style, plus a few of our favorite modern ’staches for some inspiration.

1. Embrace your growth patterns

The truth of the matter is that you might not be able to grow a full Selleck. And that’s OK, since there are a thousand other mustache styles awaiting you. Even if you’re just sprouting some wisps on the upper lip, let them grow out and then decide what you’ll do with them.

2. Do your research

Now that you’ve accepted any genetic limitations or super powers, you get to pick a mustache that will look best on you. Luckily, just about every male celebrity has worn a mustache at some point in his life.

So, you could Google your doppelganger with the word ‘mustache’ after his name, or just find an endless-scroll Pinterest board. We’ll save you some work, though, and drop a few of our favorite styles here. Here’s how to grow a mustache, celebrity edition.

3. Get the right tools

A trimmer: This is absolutely essential, whether you need to maintain your preferred length, shear off the top rows of hairs, snip the strays off your lips, or just shave off everything but your upper lip. Check out the best beard and mustache trimmers here.

Mustache scissors: The easiest way to spot-check any strays, or to snip a straight line across your lip, mustache scissors are low cost and highly helpful.

4. Buy the right products

Mustache wax: Your mustache won’t always style itself. If it’s of maneuverable length, then stock up on a small tin of mustache wax to keep it tame without weighing it down.

Beard oil: Mustache hairs are thick and bristly, and when they get too dry, they start to irritate your skin and anyone who encounters the mustache. Do everyone a favor and keep your whiskers soft and approachable, with a few drops of beard and mustache oil each morning.

5. Be good to the rest of your face

Since you’re likely shaving the rest of your face in order to spotlight your mustache, you need to spare yourself any agony. So, read up on the best shaving methods in order to keep the focus on your prized facial hair, and not on your subpar, hasty shaving techniques.

Source: GQ