Your appearance says a lot about you especially on the professional front. The way you dress reflects your attitude and sincerity towards your job.

Contrary to the popular notion, dressing for work is not a very complicated affair. Read on to find more about looking good at work.

Plan in Advance

You can never look your best at work if you are going to open your wardrobe in the morning and put on anything you find. You must plan your outfit for the next day in advance, so that there is no room for compromise.

Be Immaculate

There is no excuse at work for not wearing immaculately clean and well-ironed clothes. No matter how classy and chic the clothes you wear are, they do not give the right look unless they are properly maintained.

Keep it Subtle

Your intent while dressing should be to look professional, not to attract attention. Do not wear colours with glaring overtones. Aim for minimalistic attire which can let you work with ease as well as look suave.


You cannot play with colours freely when it comes to dressing for work. Stick to blacks, blues, browns, whites and greys. Bright colours can alienate you in a workplace environment.


Belt is another piece of accessory which adds subtle detail to your appearance. However, if you are aiming to look your best, then you must wear belts with a low profile and elegant buckle. Stick to a leather belt with a black or brown shade.


Shoes are the most commonly overlooked things when it comes to dressing for work. However, they do play a critical role in your overall appearance. Keep your shoes strictly formal and avoid open toe shoes.

Avoid Jewellery

A minimalistic ring is permissible but you should strictly avoid tacky bracelets or neck-chains. If you must wear a chain around your neck, then it is best to keep it concealed under your shirt.