Did you know that an average 60-75 per cent of a utility bill for a villa in the UAE can be directly linked to your Air Conditioning (AC). That’s according to the Dubai-based maintenance company Jim Will Fix It. The company says it can cost an average Dh210 per month to cool just one room in a Dubai home. So as the temperatures heat up, Colin Thomas, the co-owner of Jim Will Fix It, shares his top tips on how to cut down your utility bills and save yourself a few Dirhams.

1. Book a service
AC systems should be serviced two to three times a year by a qualified AC technician. This ensures they are running efficiently and reduces the chance of breakdowns – thereby saving expensive call out charges and repairs. The average cost for an AC service is Dh350, which often includes a three-month service warranty. A comprehensive AC service should take approximately 45 minutes for each unit serviced and the result will be an efficient, more reliable AC system, which requires significantly less electricity to run – again keeping your cash in your pocket.

2. Reset your fan motor
Some AC’s have the option of turning off the fan motor once the required temperature has been achieved, while others have a fan than runs continuously. If you have the option, set your AC so that the fan motor turns on and off as you hit the optimum temperature and you’ll quickly notice the difference in your bill.

3. Turn if off
It might sound obvious but make sure you turn the AC off at home when you leave the house. Running the AC all day can increase power used by over 300 per cent. The simple action of switching off your AC when you are not there could save you up to Dh4,200 dirhams per year within an average Dubai villa.

4. Check your thermostat
Set your thermostat a couple of degrees higher than you would normally and see if the temperature is still OK for you as each degree above 24C can save you up to 3-4 per cent of the energy used by each AC in your property.

5. Invest in a ceiling fan
Installing ceiling fans can make the room feel 2-4C cooler and they use 70 times less electricity than the average AC unit. Investment.

6. Change your light bulbs
Why not save money and help the environment at the same time by installing energy savings bulbs throughout your property? Not only do they use 70 per cent less energy but they also give off 75-90 per cent less heat — making it easier to keep your house cool.