HUGO BOSS Store Interior

With a next generation store concept HUGO BOSS presents its next BOSS Store in Dubai, located in Dubai Marina Mall,on the ground floor.

Using warm and residential materials, the brand created an inviting yet refined ambiance, in which customers can explore the world of BOSS.

Furniture and fixtures were designed with clean lines and arranged smartly to use the space to its maximum effect and to make sure the collection is placed center stage.

Lavish seating areas in a pallet of perfectly tuned colors beckon visitors to rest and relax. The overall look of the interior is both welcoming and elegant.

HUGO BOSS Store in Dubai Marina Mall

The store also unveils a seamless integration of interactive digital touch points that are central to the store’s design and customer shopping experience.

A digital mirror turns into a touch screen upon contact and furniture with interactive features allow for a new way of customer interaction. The latest brand-related campaign videos and fashion shows will also be prominently displayed on digital LED screens.

On a total retail space of 143 square meters, the new BOSS Store showcases the latest Spring/Summer 2019 BOSS Menswear, including shoes and accessories.