Iftaar made easy with Silsal Rentals

All your Ramadan requirements, delivered straight to your door

Silsal Rentals

Ramadan is among the most special times of year, but planning the perfect Iftaar for all your loved ones can be a challenge. Between finding, storing, and using new dinnerware pieces, it’s tough to update your table settings to fit fluctuating guest numbers.

That’s why Silsal has launched Silsal Rentals – an on-demand ‘rent the table’ service. Need a dozen glasses? Check. Matching plates for fifty? Check. Candle holders? No problem.

Available across the UAE, Silsal Rentals has everything you need to serve up the perfect Iftaar or Suhoor in style – from bold dinner plates to minimal vases and distinctive glassware to chic serving trays.

The process is easy: Simply enter the date of the event and guest count. Then choose the items you want. For those in need of a little inspiration, why not Rent The Look and opt for carefully curated, pre-made sets that are sure to match? Everything will be delivered directly to your door with plenty of time to spare, and collected afterwards.

That means all you need to provide is the food. Hosting an intimate family Iftaar? Opt for Kufic plates, which mix soft tones for a look that is both sophisticated and unassuming. Want something more traditional? Try our Ashkaal serveware, featuring mesmerizing geometric arabesque patterns, in vibrant shades of gold and red.

“I launched Silsal Rentals because I was faced with a genuine problem. Every Ramadan, I love hosting Iftaars but have never had enough plates or glasses for all of my guests. Buying new items is expensive, but then you have the additional problem of finding somewhere to keep them once Ramadan is over. With our on-demand service, you get a complete setting for each of your guests delivered straight to you, and all you have to do is put it back in the box when you’re done,” says Samar Habayeb, Silsal’s Creative Director and CEO.

Other than that, the Silsal CEO adds: “This Ramadan, just make sure your guests know how much you care about them being in your home. Show them you’ve put some thought into their evening, because that’s the feeling they’re going to remember.”