Hearty and homely, Irish cuisine is built around potatoes, grains, and dairy products. Influenced by English cuisine, Irish fare has evolved over the years and is all about using high-quality ingredients and offering great flavour.

One of the most staple items on their menu is potato, which gained widespread adoption in the 18th century. No other country has had their cuisine changed so drastically by a single ingredient.

Most of their meals have potatoes, be it Shepherd’s pie or mashed potatoes; there are always potatoes in some shape or form on the table. The dishes are usually served without sauce or gravy.

Soups play an important role in their diet. Irish soups are hearty and filling, with potatoes, seafood such as cod, salmon or oyster, and various meats being common ingredients.

Irish stew has been recognised as their national dish and you can sample it in Dubai at The Irish Village. It is a must-try and has tender lamb pieces and root vegetables slow cooked in a light broth. It comes with soda bread, a crusty brown bread made from whole-wheat flour, and buttermilk.

A traditional Irish breakfast is a large meal featuring a variety of meats as well as eggs and tomatoes. At Fibber Magee’s you can indulge in it to your heart’s content, all throughout the day.

Irish desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth and will give you a warm, fresh from the oven homely feeling.

One of the popular desserts is the apple crumble that can be tried at Dubliner’s at Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre. The moist cake with a light crumbly topping is sure to whet your appetite.