World Summit

The eighth edition of the Italian Cuisine World Summit (ICWS) retruns to Dubai for the fourth time this year.

The summit, taking place from November 7-17, is promoted by, a network of over 2,500 chefs and restaurateurs working in over 70 countries in the world in collaboration with Italian restaurants and hotels in Dubai.

ICWS’ main partner is Italian Restaurant Consulting, a Dubai-based international organisation that assists Italian restaurants and food outlets all around the world to become successful businesses. Italian Restaurant Consulting is a division of Exquisite Communications DMCC, which manages the event as well.

The 2016 edition will bring Italian restaurants, food and wine producers, Michelin-starred chefs and culinary experts together to showcase, celebrate, promote and educate consumers about Italian cuisine, its ingredients, and manufacturers.

“The 2015 edition involved 60 Italian restaurants from Dubai, 45 Michelin-starred chefs and 80 partners, attracting over 120,000 people – and the 2016 edition looks set to build on this impressive reputation,” said ICWS creator and director Rosario Scarpato.

“Our partnership with the summit is a way to stress that we as Italian Restaurant Consulting are always close to the hospitality industry in the UAE and elsewhere, by promoting its quality, like in this event, as well as providing the services that make authentic and successful their Italian restaurants,” added Aira Piva, Italian Restaurant Consulting general manager.

As an additional honour, the Dubai event has been selected as the event that will present Italian Cuisine Week, an international initiative by the Italian government spread over seven countries.

“The opening night gala dinner will also mark the preview of this prestigious event, hosted in the presence of the Italian Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies, Maurizio Martina,” confirmed ICWS operations director Giorgio Lorenzon.

This year, the week includes the Speciality Food Festival (November 7-9) – including cooking demonstrations and competitions from Italian Michelin-starred chefs – and a ‘United Nations by Italian Cuisine’ gala dinner, which will see 180 cooks from 18 nations, representing a total of 36 Michelin stars, prepare dinner for 600 guests.

Invited chefs in this year’s summit include:

Enrico Bartolini
Heinz Beck
Moreno Cedroni
Pino Cuttaia
Gennaro Esposito
Annie Feolde
Giorgio Locatelli