Grandweld Shipyards has secured a contract to design, construct and deliver four crew boats and six pilot boats for Kuwait Oil Company. The contract was signed on May, 2017 by Mr. Ismail Abdulla, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait Oil Company, and Mr. Jamal Abki, General Manager of Grandweld Shipyards.

The 25 meter long aluminum fast crew boats, with a deck area of 40 square meters will be propelled by two propellers driven by high-speed marine diesel engines to produce a speed of 25 Knots. Each boat is with a capacity to seat thirty three persons including passengers, pilots and crew.

The 23 meter long steel Pilot boats will be powered by two high-speed marine diesel engines each driving fixed pitch propellers to reach a speed of 22 knots. Each of the pilot boat will accommodate fifteen passengers and three crews.