La Petite Maison

La Petite Maison Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the home of cuisine Niçoise, has crafted a delectable menu with Riviera-influenced classics using the freshest of ingredients for Ramadan.

Attain a state of tranquillity and be transported to dark green coastlines, and cobblestone streets in Medieval towns with its homey jovial atmosphere and light Mediterranean breeze, as you sit down for a special Iftar menu featuring a selection of La Petite Maison’s signature dishes.

Guests can begin their culinary journey with a delectable light soup and dates. Patrons will be offered a variety of starters, including green lentils, quinoa salad, carpaccio tuna and calamari.

Select from flavourful classic main course dishes, such as grilled sirloin, grilled lamb cutlets with smoked aubergine, grilled tiger prawns and Arrabbiata and finish off with a pick of your favourite dessert from among cheesecake, warm chocolate mousse with malt ice cream or pistachio cake that comes with either a choice of tea or coffee.

La Petite Maison’s Iftar menu will be priced at AED240 per person and will be served from 6.45pm until 8.00pm during Ramadan. For non-fasting guests, lunch will be served during usual timings from 12pm – 3pm, seven days a week.