Lilou, Female Pilot, Dubai
Name: Lilou
Age: 25
Relationship status: Single
Origin: Half Thai, Half Norwegian

Every time we fly we get curious about who the person is that’s going to take us to our destination. Being a pilot is awesome, no doubt. We wanted to know more about this exciting job and we had to ask the female pilot in Dubai, Lilou, some questions. Here we go!

Q&A with Lilou

24. Was becoming a pilot your dream? How did your family support and motivate you as you pursued your passion for flight?

– Well basically I grew up in the world of aviation, having my dad as a pilot and my step mom as cabin crew. I got the chance to travel all around the world with my father and got to see the love he had for aviation. I admired his passion (because he didn’t really consider it being a job!) I think it just grew on me and I can’t really picture myself doing anything else to be honest! Needless to say that they obviously fully supported me in pursuing this career.

23. What was your first flying experience when you joined the aviation industry?

– This is actually my first flying job since I finished flight training in Europe. I am grateful to have gotten this opportunity to fly in the middle east on brand new airplanes. Some people don’t find jobs for years after their flight training, so I’m pretty lucky!

22. How did you adjust your life schedule being a pilot and having to travel every day?

– I love it! I personally enjoy the fact that there is no routine. (weird I know!)

21. How do you feel during times of festivals or family celebrations when you’re on duty and away from family and friends?

– I haven’t been working in this industry long enough yet, but I can imagine that it’s not always easy when you have a family who want you around for Christmas etc. For now, I am not really affected because most of my friends have a similar lifestyle and my family know what it’s like.

20. What’s your favorite destination to fly to?

– So far I can’t say, as I’ve not had the opportunity to fly to all the different destinations yet..! Get back to me in a year or so :)

19. How you manage collaboration with your co-pilot, as co-pilots change from flight to flight?

– It’s very simple, just be a nice and respectful person whilst being professional (just like any job I suppose). We have standard procedures to follow so as long as everyone sticks to those, things will go well! In the flight deck, we have to maintain good CRM (crew resource management) which means everyone should always know what the other is doing and just generally work together as a team and always keep good communication!

18. Does putting on your Pilot’s uniform make you feel different?

– Yes, I suppose it does! I like it because it puts me in a professional state of mind and also it’s lovely to not have to choose what to wear on a daily basis! As a woman the struggle is real… too many clothes yet nothing to wear. Haha!

17. Was there ever a point in your life when you were scared to fly an airplane?

– No, never!

16. When finally retire from the pilot life, how do you think you will feel and what will you do next?

– I literally have no idea. I just started my career, so I haven’t really thought about my retirement plans yet.

15. Do you have any advice for future pilots?

– You made the right choice! Welcome to the best job ever!
Jokes aside, we all go through tough times during flight training but enjoy the ride and hang in there. It’s all so worth it!

14. Are you in a relationship? If yes, how do you manage to be apart from each other so much?

– Good question. Ask my boyfriend! (jk)
I’ll try to be serious again. I currently don’t have this problem but I believe that you can make anything work as long as the both of you put in the effort and support each other.

13. Are you a BAWS? If so, what’s your definition of it?

– Yessss! If being a BAWS means being a boss and rocking life then yes.

12. Favorite food when you were a child?

– Stars cereal

11. #1 most played song?

– Currently, Love by Kendrick Lamar but it varies a lot!

10. Favorite indoor/outdoor activity?

– Does chilling by the pool count?

9. Chore you absolutely hate doing?

– Ironing. Especially ironing shirts, what a nightmare. I’d rather wash 20 dirty plates by hand than iron a shirt. #dramatic

8. You know the world is ending 2020, what would you do differently?

– Nothing. Always living my best life possible.

7. You won the lottery, what is the first thing do?

– Buy a big house with a massive garden so I could adopt 20 dogs.

6. You have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?

– Take a nap.

5. The hardest thing you’ve ever done?

– Planning my father’s funeral.

4. the last experience that made you a stronger person?

– Moving out here alone.

3. Growing up, what got you into trouble?

– Draw on walls at home with color crayons.

2. Last time you were nervous?

– I don’t usually get nervous very often. But during my last sim check I guess!

1. At what age did you become an adult?

– Haha! I like to think I haven’t entered adulthood yet :D

On behalf of BAWS, we thank you for your time champ. We love and support your thing all the way. Look forward to keep following your adventures for sure!

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