When it comes to dressing, it is as simple as finding something you like and putting it on, right? Wrong! With different body types, it means that certain clothes look different person to person and what may suit one does not necessarily mean it suits another. Taking the time to dress for your body type will ensure you are always looking sharp.

For men, there are five categories: 1. Inverted Triangle, 2. Rectangle, 3. Triangle, 4. Oval, and 5. Trapezoid. It is important to first determine your body type and use this as a guide for your current and future wardrobe.

Here, Matthew Benjamin and James Siggers, industry experts and Founders of luxury bespoke menswear tailor Benjamin Siggers, provide their top tips on dressing for your body type.

1. Inverted Triangle

Someone with an inverted triangle body type will have broad shoulders, chest and back with a slimmer waistline and dressing will be require to balance this. Use a belt or v neck sweater to draw the eye down. Alternatively, a double-breasted suit is the perfect option as it widens the torso.

Skinny jeans are not your friend as they will emphasize the wideness of your shoulders and smaller lower body. You will also want to choose suit jackets that do not have shoulder padding as this is unnecessary for your already broad shoulders.

2. Rectangle

This body type is straight up and down, the same width between shoulders and hips. Here you would want to dress to broaden the shoulders, having the focus of your outfits draw the eye up. With a jacket, you will want to have shoulder padding and wide lapels.

Ensuring the fit is right is also important, with clothing needing to highlight your shape by fitting at the waist. You can also layer up, such as a shirt under a jumper, with neckties or scarves to accessorize. It is not recommended to wear loose-fitting clothing or follow any of the styling tips provided for the inverted triangle.

3. Triangle

For the triangle, it means your hips are more prominent than your shoulders. As was mentioned previously, you will want to bring the focus upwards. Vertical stripes are a great way to create the illusion of symmetry.

Horizontal panelled t-shirts, with bright or bold colours on the upper half and darker colours on the bottom are also a nice option for this body type. It is also suggested to wear slimmer fit pants to remove the heaviness from the lower half of your body.

4. Oval

The oval, as the name suggested, is a round body type. You will want to lengthen the body as well as broaden the shoulders so as to disguise your larger middle area. First of all, you will want to ensure clothing are properly tailored to fit you.

Ideally, you should look at tailoring your suits completely, crafting garments to exact specifications. Choose shirts and t-shirts with vertical stripes and trousers that can be worn without a belt as this will pull focus to your upper body.

5. Trapezoid

Considered the desired body type for men, you are blessed with broad shoulders that slowly decrease as you move down towards the hips. Luckily for you, it means that shopping and choosing clothes are quite easy for you as this body type tend to look good in all styles. Just ensure everything fits properly and is tailored to the right length but otherwise, you are good to go.