The most nutritionally advanced healthy café in Dubai, @blend, pronounced: At Blend, has launched at Shoreline Beach Club 4, Palm Jumeirah.

@blend serves up a deliciously wholesome menu, presenting a range of breakfast bites, unique smoothies, juices, fresh salads and wraps. Head Chef and Outlet Manager, Paul Parik has created the menu based on traditional dietary wisdom and tweaked it as per his nutritionist background in order to fit the lifestyle of Dubai residents and visitors. Unlike other venues, at @blend, guests won’t just know how many calories their meal is, but also everything that goes inside it.


Some of the menu’s specialties include five ‘fitness smoothies’ such as ‘Beach Bod’ and ‘GuiltFree’ which are high in protein and complement exercising; making them perfect to have half an hour after your work-out as they can be easily digested by your body. @blend also serves six ‘wellness
smoothies’ such as ‘Supercharged’ to boost up your immunity or ‘Nectar of Joy’ to aid with digestion. If you’re looking for some weekend indulgence, the venue offers three fun ‘dessert smoothies’ as ‘Cheat Day’ which contains Nutella, banana, milk and coffee, or ‘SeaBreeze’, a delicious treat for the kids containing strawberry, banana, milk, honey and mint.

Health junkies have the option to add supplements such as beauty collagen, immunity booster or probiotics, among others to their smoothie. Whey protein, vegan protein, creatine and glutamine are great options to add to a wellness smoothie after a workout as they enhance your performance. Likewise, if you’re feeling unusually dehydrated, electrolytes are a good addition to your drink. Alternatively, guests looking for something lighter can opt for one of the four unique detox juices.


The cafe also has a ready-to-eat section for people on-the-go who can pick up freshly made wraps, salads, protein bars or muffins. The five salad offerings can be customized with a large selection of toppings, dressings and proteins.

Established by Malak AlHabib, Mohammed AlSadiq and Karam AlSadiq, @blend is about finding a balance between the city’s everyday hustle-and-bustle and a healthy lifestyle. Malak AlHabib said, “With today’s constantly busy and hectic schedule, the city’s residents are looking for a place where
they can get everything they need; and that’s where we come in. @blend is meant to replace visits to fast-food joints with a more meaningful and satisfying meal while staying tuned in to urban and social trends. We’re taking healthy eating to the next level! Not just by providing residents with fresh meals to improve their overall lifestyle, but also by educating our customers about every single ingredient that goes inside their meal and their benefits.”

@blend provides guests a perfect venue to catch up with friends, go after a workout, to work from their laptop or to just get your nutritional quota for the day. At @blend, guests can get away from their hectic lives and unwind. The fresh, open decor of the surf-house inspired cafe radiates a
laid-back feel and a sense of tropicana the moment you walk in. You can almost smell the salt of the beach right next door!

Hours: Daily, 11am to 10pm​
Location: Shop 5, Ground Floor, Shoreline Beach Club No. 4, Shoreline Apartments, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai ​
Website: AtBlend.com ​
Contact: [email protected] or 04 514 8966 ​
Instagram: @atblend​
Twitter: @atblenddxb​
Facebook: facebook.com/atblenddxb ​