The UAE’s telecoms regulator says access to the Periscope app has been restored after a “technical problem” led to the service going down this week.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) released a statement yesterday after users took to Twitter to complain that they could no longer access the app.

Periscope enables users to share and watch live video broadcasts from their mobile phones, on either Etisalat or du networks. But the TRA said it had worked with local operators to resolve the issue.

“The TRA began investigating issues that users were facing with Periscope immediately upon detection of a problem,” the statement said. “The technical team at TRA spent the last 48 hours investigating the matter in cooperation with both operators.”

Following the outage, users of the app took to social media over fears that it had been blocked. Others said they were unsurprised considering the ban on services such as Skype. “In Dubai, they blocked Skype but that didn’t go very well, hope they’ll unblock periscope soon:/” a user said on Twitter.

“But we all get round it by using VPN so it’s more annoying than anything. #pointless” another added. Earlier this year, the boss of one of the UAE’s two telecom operators admitted that the use of services such as Skype are restricted in the country because of the possible impact on profits.