Ready, Set, Click – A meeting with Stevie Kahn

Stevie Kahn Photography
Name: Stevie Kahn
Age: 37
Relationship status: Married
Origin: United Kingdom

Have you ever dreamed about being a photographer? Maybe you don’t´know how to begin, or even where to begin. But the first step is just that – to begin! Then this interview is for you, and hopefully you get inspired from the amazing life of Stevie, a real professional photographer based in Dubai. We sat down for a quick chat about life, photos and everything in between. Ready, set, click!

Q&A with Stevie

24. How long have you worked as a photographer?

– I actually work full time in Finance and the photography is so far a job on the side. Hopefully that will change one day!

23. What made you want to be a photographer?

– I guess “What makes me want to be a photographer” is more applicable! I have worked in Finance for over 10 years and it is the thought of working in a more creative and adventurous environment that appeals most. Trust me, trying to concentrate in a corporate environment when the sky is covered in white fluffy clouds and your photographer friends are out shooting is very difficult!

22. Describe the “perfect picture” according to you?

– That is a tough one to answer as there are so many thoughts entering my mind! I love color so it would have to be a sweeping landscape with mountains reflecting perfectly in a lake whilst a burning sunset is taking place. Basically Iceland….!

21. As a beginner, what should you think of if you want to become a good photographer?

– Get off the automatic setting on your camera immediately. Learn about long exposure and the golden hours when the light is best.

20. What equipment/camera do you use, and why?

– Canon 5Ds, Canon 6D, 16-35mm lens, 70-200mm lens and many more. I use Canon because when I went to the Maldives with my wife many years ago, a friend of ours lent us a Canon full frame camera at the time. If I had the choice now though I probably would use a Nikon D850 but I have too much invested in my current set up!

19. In UAE there are many photographers, what makes you stand out?

– You guys ask some tough questions! I think there are some brilliant photographers in the UAE and whether I stand out is down to the individual person. I love color and reflections so I guess that is a typical Stevie Kahn shot. I like meeting people along the way and having a good laugh too so I guess that’s what people follow me for! I hope so anyways….!

18. Can you speak Arabic?

– Hala Hala Habibis! I throw a few words in here and there but should know a lot more having lived here for 10 years.

17. Do you make a living out of your photographer skills or is it a hobby?

– A hobby so far but hopefully that will change.

16. Favorite location to shoot?

– Switzerland… every shot you take belongs on the front of a biscuit tin!

15. What is your dream image that you would like to take?

– Only one?! Google “Lake over ocean Faroe Islands”…. is this even real?!

14. Name a famous person you would like to photograph, and why?

– Not really into portraits of people but would love a selfie with Stevie Gerrard!

13. Are you a BAWS? If so, what’s your definition of it?

– I would define a BAWS as someone in charge and in control… am I a BAWS? I am married so my wife is always the BAWS! Haha

12. Favorite food when you were a child?

– Burgers, nothing has changed.

11. #1 most played song?

– California Love – Tupac

10. Favorite indoor/outdoor activity?

– Sport, I love it.

9. Chore you absolutely hate doing?

– All of them!

8. You know the world is ending 2020, what would you do differently?

– Grab my wife and see the world!

7. You won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

– Probably run around the office laughing.

6. You have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?

– Gym, Photography or just plain lounging.

5. The hardest thing you’ve ever done?

– Cold calling, it really really sucks.

4. the last experience that made you a stronger person?

– When I go full time in photography I will let you know!

3. Growing up, what got you into trouble?

– I once jumped over a fence and landed on a policeman!

2. Last time you were nervous?

– My wedding./strong>

1. At what age did you become an adult?

– Never…

On behalf of BAWS, we thank you for your time champ. We love and support your thing all the way. Look forward to keep following your adventures for sure!

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