Say hello to the new stylish HUAWEI nova 4

HUAWEI nova 4 CrushBlue

Huawei launched the latest edition to the nova series, the HUAWEI nova 4. The highly anticipated smartphone features the most unique form of bezel-less design, the Punch display. Its display style will instantly catch your eye, being utterly different from what we’ve been used to – it is completely ‘notch-less’.

Designed to allow a maximum view, it was engineered by Huawei to pave the way for a new generation of display aesthetics, particularly catering to those demanding, quirky, fashion-forward young users, who won’t settle for an average screen when it comes to gaming and watching movies. So if you’re one of those, this will have you drooling.

The HUAWEI Nova 4 features the Punch display, which is Huawei’s own twist of the FullView display where the 25MP camera is meticulously lurking under a screen. The phone integrates a rear triple-camera featuring a 20MP primary one and a 16MP one with a wide angle lens, as well as a whopping 8GB+128GB which will make give you a smooth, hiccup-free user experience, daily apps and graphically complex games will run uninterruptedly.

While mid-range smartphones don’t come packed with the most innovative features, Huawei’s nova series was able to set itself apart from this myth; it has been one the leaders of this segment packing all the good stuff you would normally find in higher priced such, including cool design and good value, making it particularly popular amongst a younger crowd.

With an ‘on-point’ selfie system and stylish colors, the HUAWEI Nova 3 became the most popular selfie phone of 2018, and by the end of that year, the series had sold over 65 million units. Now the HUAWEI nova 4 has been announced in the UAE to continue the legacy of the series by offering a mind-blowing display design.

Full screen and a hole? Your screen just a makeover with the new Punch display

So, what exactly is the ‘Punch’ display? It is Huawei’s own catchy and creative twist of the bezel-less display trend by fully removing the notch and leaving nothing but a small hole in the screen – which hosts a tiny front camera of a 3.05mm diameter lens. This leaves more room for the 6.4 inch screen to stretch from top to bottom, allowing an unparalleled viewing experience when it comes to gaming and watching videos.

Creating the Punch display without compromising the cameras specifications and performance was challenging, technologically complex endeavor deemed necessary by Huawei; as extensive research around ‘selfie behavior’ has found that users usually turn their heads slightly towards the right while focusing their eyes on the camera. With the current camera placement, users have a more natural interaction with the camera and are easily able to find the best selfie angle.

Celebrating your selfies with the 25MP AI Selfie Camera

As an AI pioneer and expert, Huawei has integrated AI in the HUAWEI nova 4’s 25MP front camera, allowing you to take beautiful selfies which highlight your best features. This is performed through a customization based on different facial features. Skin tones and facial structure can be enhanced naturally and subtly for various styles.

With the AI beautification feature, you will have a wide range of beauty services from make up to styling, making you feel like an entire team of professionals has worked on you. From brighter eyes to pout lips, you will end up looking like the best version of yourself!

A triple camera including a 16MP one with Ultra-Wide Angle Lens? Yes please!

As good cameras have become part of Huawei’s DNA, the HUAWEI nova 4 is yet another smartphone offering great image quality. It is Huawei’s third smartphone featuring an AI Triple Camera. It integrates a triple-camera module consisting of a 20MP primary and a 2MP secondary one, complemented with a 16MP camera augmented with an Ultra-Wide Angle lens. This will allow you to photograph wide, uninterrupted shots in which large monuments fit easily, giving post-card like images.

From skyscrapers to the Pyramids – no subject will be too big to fit into the frame. Overall, HUAWEI nova 4 rear camera is the perfect tool used to capture your best moments with photos and videos under all kinds of lighting conditions from super bright, backlight to low light.

More storage, better entertainment

HUAWEI nova 4 uses the Kirin 970 chipset and offers 8GB high-capacity memory in its hardware configuration – with an external storage capacity of 128GB. What does this mean? It means it can deliver a super powerful performance while maintaining an economical power consumption.

With Huawei’s continuous system optimizations, not only will you run daily applications and games rapidly and smoothly, you will also be sure that the device’s performance remains just as efficient on the long-term.

Price and availability

HUAWEI nova 4 is available in two fashionable colors: Crush Blue that evokes a sense of mystery with a tinge of romance; and the Black that exudes understated class. Consumers will be able to pre-order HUAWEI nova 4 starting February 8 and can purchase the device online and across select retailers in the UAE starting from February 14 at a price of AED1799

Etisalat HUAWEI nova 4 exclusive offer:

All Etisalat pre-paid customers will enjoy 6 months free STARZ PLAY subscription and up to 1GB monthly free data for 3 months with their new HUAWEI nova 4 smartphone.

Service offer in the UAE

HUAWEI nova 4 comes with standard Huawei 1-year service offer that includes a 6 months single-time free screen damage warranty, free UV device sanitizing, free customized engraving and door-to-door service.