A profile of Shaikha Al Qassemi from UAE

Kiki, Shaikha Al Qassemi

Shaikha, a 28-year-old Crossfit coach and Red Bull sponsored athlete has just ventured into opening her own gym. With a background in PR and Advertising, Al Qassemi found herself bored and uninspired with the corporate world and found Crossfit 3 month into her first job. After resigning from her position, she decided to pursue what she felt passionate about and that was fitness.

With few months of training she began signing up for local competitions, Crossfit courses and started her coaching job within a year. Al Qassemi participated in numerous local, regional and international competitions, the Crossfit Open, Dubai Fitness Championship, to Battle of the East in Kuwait, Battle of Heroes in Bahrain and local team competitions as well. Her mission for inspiration and change for the community attracted big brands like Red Bull, Lululemon, GoPro and Revive to endorse her journey.

“My mission is to inspire the UAE fitness movement, increase the awareness, encourage more women and men, to get stronger and fitter for life, and to make a change for future generations”

Shaikha Al Qassimi

Al Qassemi continuously develops herself through education as well as educating those around her, she has taken part in 12 courses across 4 years and hasn’t skipped an opportunity to sign up for 2 day workshops or movement seminars to further her experiences and training.

With her new venture, Platform Fitness Gym, Al Qassemi created a space where people can train, learn and educate. The space was inspired by coffee spaces that she visited in Singapore and Crossfit boxes based around Scandinavia. With wood touches and earthy feels, Al Qassemi aimed to make every person walk into Platform feel right at home. Though, this isn’t where it ends, Al Qassemi is planning to expand opportunities into setting up workshops, seminars and courses in movement, life coaching and self-development.

Shaikha Al Qassimi

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