The Smash Room

Starting from only AED 99, you can smash glasses, TVs and DVDs, to help you de-stress and have fun while you’re at it at The Smash Room, located in Al Quoz.

Ramadan is fast approaching and while the focus is on keeping a healthy spirit and mind, it’s important to engage in activities that keep the mind and body healthy too.

The Smash Room, popularly known as a safe sanctuary for smashing anything and everything in sight, is the perfect hub for you to come down and enjoy a workout session and getting the heart rate going.

“The Smash Room can help de-stress and is also a great workout. Thirty minutes in the The Smash Room is beneficial for the upper body including arms, shoulders, back, chest and most importantly, the brain,” says Hiba Balfaqih, a psychologist by profession and co-founder of this award-winning startup, The Smash Room.

The Smash Room is a safe space for you to go and enjoy with your mates, colleagues or partners to vent out any stress you may have, from past relationships, work or university.

According to Ibrahim Abudyak, entrepreneur and the co-founder of The Smash Room, a typical 30-minute session at The Smash Room can help burn 400 calories. Definitely more fun than running on a treadmill!

The Smash Room will be open until 2 AM for you to enjoy as a post Iftar activity – last year over 500 customers visited the venue for a smashing time in the hours following Iftar during the month of Ramadan.

The Smash Room is also playing its part in helping refugees, in partnership with Melltoo and Emirates Red Crescent, to ensure that people have food on their table in this month of giving. In their first year of existence, The Smash Room has already donated more than AED 10,000 to these causes.