Cartoon tees and scruffy combats work just fine when you are a twenty-something, bumming around with your pals, chasing girls, and hell-raising instead of focusing on a career.

The trouble is, you can’t continue in this vein forever. Sooner or later, every man-child needs to grow up and start acting like an adult.

The way you dress says a lot about your outlook on life. Most people judge a person within five seconds of meeting them, so if your outfit is off or you look a mess, you have probably blown it with the hot chick in the bar or the guy interviewing you for a dream job.

A suit is an easy way for men to dress to impress. Lanieri’s Fall 2016 Collection is a good place to start, but if you still need convincing, here are a few ways you can boost your style ratings with a sharp suit.

A Sign of Maturity

Many men of a certain age try to look younger by wearing youthful clothing. They assume that skater shorts, ripped tees and a baseball cap will help them attract younger chicks, but unfortunately this almost never works unless you happen to be a billionaire.

Instead, the best way to be attractive to women is to show off your maturity and masculinity by wearing a stylish suit. Suits command respect, so start dressing like a real man.

Tailored Shirt

A tailored shirt screams style and money. You don’t need to be mega wealthy to buy tailored shirts; you just need to buy them from the right places. For best results, buy your shirts – and suits – made to measure, so they fit perfectly and show off your best assets.

Cuff Links

Use cuff links to add a touch of glamour to an outfit. Would 007 wear button down cuffs? No, of course, he wouldn’t. 007 always sports a pair of understated white gold or platinum cuff links that catch the light perfectly. Channel Daniel Craig in his 007 personas and you are sure to hit the right look.

Classy Footwear

You cannot wear scruffy sneakers with a gorgeous suit. The entire look will be ruined. People notice footwear, especially if they are worn out or cheap and nasty. You don’t need to shell out a lot of cash on designer shoes. A smart pair of suede loafers will look sharp and ensure you hit the right look when you head out of the door.

Designer Watches

Rich men wear designer Breitling watches (or similar) with their suits. They know that a designer watch speaks more about their wealth and status than any outfit. The good news is that you don’t need to invest thousands of pounds in a designer watch. Instead, just rent one when you need to make the right impression. Wearing the right watch is a sure-fire way to guarantee flight upgrades, free hotel rooms, and plenty of female attention in bars.

You only need one decent suit in your wardrobe. Make sure yours hits the spot.