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United Arab Emirates
Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Probe suggests looted data did not include unprotected passwords
With new App service
The Landmark Group’s eCommerce portal has gone in for a complete makeover in the UAE
Waylens Secure360 Dashcam Captures Footage Inside And Outside The Car
Users would be able to use WhatsApp but would not be able to create new accounts or re-verify existing accounts
Samsung Flip Combines The Whiteboard And The Flip Chart In A 55-Inch Monitor
In an apparent iOS leak, a screengrab of the new recovery mode screen in Apple's upcoming iPhone 11 confirms that Apple is set to do away their 'lightening connector' chargers. They will soon be selling...
Motorola teases Razr flip-phone nostalgia for upcoming June event.
Iraq's parliament voted on Wednesday to ban popular online video games including PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite, citing their 'negative' influence especially on the young in a country long plagued by real-life bloodshed. Iraq held its first...
A team at Vietnamese security firm Bkav created a mask that cost them $150