The shopping malls of Dubai cater for every shopper and every taste, often at prices lower than those found in the item’s own country of origin! From haute couture and top-brand clothing to cars and electrical goods, all at fantastically low prices, it is little wonder Dubai has been labeled ‘the shopping capital of the Middle East’.

Some of the best and most popular malls include the Deira City Center – which welcomes 20 million shoppers every year, and has its own Lexus dealership if you need something to carry all of your shopping – and the Burjuman Center, the top place for designer labels, and the Wafi Shopping Mall, where the name says it all – ‘wafi’ in Arabic translates as ‘everything you ever wanted’!

Dubai not only offers better deals than anywhere else in the world, it has adopted shopping as its national symbol and pastime. Here, they actually have a month-long festival devoted to shopping, and haggling and bargaining is an accepted way of life!

Aside from the malls, the place where negotiation really becomes a useful weapon in a shopper’s arsenal is in any one of the city’s many souks, or marketplaces. From the aromas of the Perfume Souk, where shopkeepers can concoct unique fragrances just for you, to the Arabic tastes of the Spice Souk, to the soft Persian rugs that tickle your toes wherever you go, the different markets have something to scintillate every sense.

The most famous souk, however, is the one most likely to tantalize your eyes: the Gold Souk. This marketplace, which has led to Dubai being nicknamed ‘The City of Gold’, is the reason many people travel to Dubai to do their shopping. With every possible style of gold jewelry, from chunky, to delicate, even to different colors, the Gold Souk has something for everyone. Just remember to never accept their first offer, because you can always get things a little cheaper!

And if you feel a tad hungry after the exotic scents of the Spice Souk, or you’re feeling a little tired after carrying all that gold around, there is a top selection of restaurants and hotels in Dubai where you can rest and refuel your body, ready for another round of retail therapy.

Dubai shopping not only offers a chance to get some great items at low prices, but also offers an experience in itself. Nowhere else in the world does market shopping quite like Dubai, so if you’re a fan of the finer things in life, why not take a trip to Dubai, and go for gold!