AKH Tower

The Soaring AKH Tower is Changing Dammam’s Skyline

Al Dammam, Saudi Arabia-Sunday 17 February 2019 [AETOS Wire] 

2019 Serving as the new headquarters for the prominent Al Abdul Karim Holding (AKH) company in Dammam, the AKH Tower is now open for business. Designed and supervised by Dewan Architects + Engineers, the dramatic 37-storey building ranks as the tallest building in Dammam and the 30th tallest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Setting out to impress, the striking design of the AKH Tower – with its gleaming glass, geometric patterns and soaring height – is already a talking point in Dammam, the oil capital of Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. A compelling sight by day or night, it also serves as memorable landmark for all to navigate by. Offering prime office space with unrestricted views, most of the office space is reserved for AKH’s own use, but several floors are available for tenant companies.

Designed as an ‘intelligent’ building, the tower is equipped with a state-of-the-art telecommunication system, a CCTV system, access control system, energy-saving system, computer-based building management system (BMS), a sophisticated Data Center and an advanced audiovisual system for the conference rooms. The tower also has its own backup standby electricity generator and a built-in uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Ample car parking is available in the basement and across seven levels of the podium.

An eye-catching design aspect is the way that angled lines run across the building. These embrace the podium and then continue upwards towards the tower, innovatively taking the form of ramps and other vertical circulation elements. This distinctive approach allows the podium to be more than just an architectural component, but rather an integral part of the tower’s intricate design and character.

According to Ammar Al Assam, Executive Director of Dewan Architects + Engineers, the shape of the tower is more than just a visual treat; it is also contributes to a versatile, highly functional design. “The tower’s façade and slanting volumes make for arresting lines and configurations within the interior, creating distinctive and dynamic office spaces on every floor, which allows the building to cater to numerous companies with varying spatial needs,” said Mr Al Assam.

Al Assam add that the tower is destined to become a landmark building in Dammam: “The high-quality design of AKH Tower means that visually it looks incredible from every single angle. We’re proud to be making a lasting impression on Dammam’s skyline,” Mr Al Assam added.

The capital city of Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, Dammam is known for being a major administrative center for the Saudi oil industry. As one of the nation’s chief ports, Dammam serves as a major exporting point for petroleum and natural gas. The city is well connected by road, rail, and air with the rest of Saudi Arabia, as well as with its neighbouring countries.

Apart from housing the main seat of the Easter Province administration, Dammam is a major residential and commercial center, with an important section of King Faisal University also located here.