The ultimate smartphone for the binge watchers

Hooked on mobile video watching? HUAWEI Mate 20 X is the answer

Mate 20 X Blue Front

Are you one of those die-hard TV series fans who cannot wait to catch the latest episode of your favorite show in real time? Chances are you will shift your schedule around to squeeze in time to be ahead of your peers, avoid spoilers and be consumed by the thrill of watching your TV show anywhere and anytime.

The buzz word ‘media therapy’ is now coming into its own with people choosing to drown their frustrations and unwind after a long day with binge watching a good series or streaming motivational, comedy, cooking, DIY, news, campaigns and a range of other videos. Typically, media therapy entails an uninterrupted block of hours dedicated to spending quality time between you and the content you are interested to watch.

We have most recently seen the rise of Video on Demand services, online streaming and other video-focused social media channels such as YouTube, which made accessibility to our favorite video content as easy a tap of a finger. We are no longer restricted in front of one TV at a time and on one channel, thanks to the video streaming capabilities of our smartphone devices, that are accessible to each of us.

For most media consumers, smartphones have replaced televisions and desktops as the primary device for watching content. Having said that, not every smartphone is suited to fit this need in the current generation of smartphones.

Binge watching is the new fad

In the past, binge watching was limited to Star Trek and Star Wars marathons and Friends reruns whereas in today’s day and age the phenomenal increase in content available to watch online translates into effective media therapy prescriptions available at your fingertips on the go. ‘Binge-watching’ has recently taken the world by storm, as the practice of watching multiple episodes of a series or television program in rapid succession.

According to findings from Global Web Index, 92.2% of internet users in the UAE own a smartphone and a whopping 67% of them use them to access the internet, followed by laptops and desktop devices.

In the last month alone, an astonishing 91.1% of users were found using the internet to watch video content and video-sharing websites. These findings prove that smartphone devices are on the rise and with that comes consumers’ demand for a better user-experience. Consumers are looking for new devices and interfaces that make accessibility to their favorite content easy, convenient and seamless.

How I met my Smartphone

Conscious of the current scenario and the consumers perspective, Huawei has evaluated the specs of its latest smartphone to match the needs and demands of the intensive media consuming audience. HUAWEI Mate 20 X, claims to configurate all the features that lend themselves to an enjoyable viewing experience.

The smartphone aims to impress with a variety of enhancements to the screen, audio, body texture and all the little details that come into play when you stream a video. Here is why the HUAWEI Mate 20 X is your calling for a maximum media and entertainment experience:

1. The Big Bang Wide Screen View

Boasting a 7.2” display, the largest ever by Huawei, HUAWEI Mate 20 X offers consumers a wider, larger, faster and stronger experience and will appeal to avid users seeking a screen size that matches their appetite for entertainment. Additionally, the display features a smart brightness management solution that automatically optimizes screen brightness for different scenarios.

This state-of-the-art OLED screen is designed for a truly immersive experience, ambitious gamers and entertainment bingers can dive into their own world. It supports HDR10, delivering higher brightness, wider dynamic range, sharper lights and shadow details as well as richer colors to users viewing content that supports the format.

2. Game of Grip

The visionary screen also comes with an easy grip, as substance meets style with the precision-crafted HUAWEI Mate 20 X. The ergonomics of the expansive screen allow for an easy grip and comfortable one-handed operation.

3. Smudge free in the city

A Hyper Optical is etched on the surface of the glass, which gives it a delicate hand feel and fingerprint resistance, so it retains its clean look, even after extensive use. Ensuring unobstructed viewing with an expansive anti-fingerprint screen, the Hyper Optical Pattern etched on the surface of the glass produces an iridescent effect that is not only highly durable, but also makes the device easy to grip and fingerprint resistant. The device retains a clean look even when used extensively and bereft of any smudges on the screen.

4. Breaking sound

The HUAWEI Mate 20 X’s stereophonic sound system lets you escape life’s daily hustle and bustle by transporting you inside your movies and series. With dual symmetrical speakers at both ends of the device, plus a super high dynamic range up to 40 db, every sound from bass to treble is rendered with astounding clarity, richness and depth. The superior speakers, combined with HDR game mode and 5.1 surround support, allows you to enjoy a truly immersive and engaging experience.

5. Battery Anatomy

Your smartphone will not die midway of your cherished video watching time as the HUAWEI Mate 20 X houses a 5,000mAh battery and AI-driven resource allocation to deliver a staggering level of power that can handle long hours of usage. The smartphone provides up to 23 hours video playback which is approximately nine hours more than any other standard large sized smartphones becoming the industry’s leading power house.

6. Indefinite reasons why..

According to Google’s predictions, in 2019, users will spend more time online than in front of TV screens with the majority of this time being spent watching online video. By 2020 the average online viewing time in the world will reach 84 minutes and users’ expectations for faster and better digital experiences are on the rise. Launched at the start of 2019, Huawei Mate 20 X is a game changer in the large phone segments striving to cater to its consumers with an unhindered and extra ordinary binge-watching experience.