Beyond Burger Invite

On Saturday 5th May, Bareburger La Mer will host the ultimate, fun-filled voting event, presenting the Beyond Burger for the first time in the Middle East. Following large-scale popularity in the US, the Beyond Burger is the world’s first all-vegan Beyond Burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like a fresh beef burger.

The ‘better-burger’ chain, Bareburger, which specializes in organic meat and locally sourced ingredients, has established four popular locations in UAE. On Saturday 5th May the beachside hangout, La Mer venue, welcomes the local community to visit for a very first taste and vote, will the Beyond Burger stay or go in the UAE?

At the event, the Bareburger Bear will introduce the vegan burger and keep kids captivated with an array of fun activities and entertainment. Greenheart Organic Farm, the main organic and all natural ingredients provider for Bareburger’s UAE venues, will also present quality products and discuss how they are cultivated and prepared.

The Beyond Burger was founded by the LA-based, Beyond Meat in 2009, the revolutionary patty is made from yeast extract, coconut oil and pea protein, plus beets to give it red color. The result is an uncompromisingly delicious plant-based burger, which has already made waves in the US; currently 15% of total menu sales across Bareburger US come from the veggies burgers.

The Bareburger chain has reduced exotic meat from the menus, replacing the elk, wild boar and lamb with plant-based burgers, including the Beyond Burger, in its US restaurants. The UAE is the next stage of the project, starting with the introduction of Beyond Burger and soon embracing more vegan and sustainable options in the Bareburger menu.

Following the public vote on Saturday 5th May, Bareburger UAE will officially announce, whether or not, the Beyond Burger will be a permanent addition to the menu in September. The Beyond Burger Tasting & Vote Event will take place on Saturday 5th May, from 12pm – 7pm, open to the public, complimentary to join, taste and vote – the Bareburger a la carte menu will be available.