Thousand new cancer patients receive radiation therapy in Kuwait

Kuwait Cancer Control Center is a reference hospital in the treatment of cancer

Graphic of a person receiving radiation therapy

The International Atomic Energy Agency said Kuwait continuously works towards giving its citizens better health care, adding that this is one of its government’s priorities, noting on its ‘continued fight against cancer with nuclear medicine.’ This was mentioned in its recent report titled ‘Radiation in medicine helps Kuwait’s program fight cancer.’

Head of Nuclear Medicine Physics Unit at Kuwait Cancer Control Center Dr Mushari Al-Nuaimi said Kuwait invested in advanced medical technology to meet the increasing demand for diagnosing and treating cancer with radiation, adding that the Kuwait Cancer Control Center gives all treatment services in this regards.

Dr Nuaimi said that Kuwait Cancer Control Center is a reference hospital in the treatment of cancer and was selected as a regional center for nuclear medicine, adding that the nuclear medicine department at the hospital has an integrated vision to fight cancer through four specialized units, which are the General Nuclear Medicine, Positron Emission Tomography Computed Tomography, Medical Physics and Central Radiation Pharmacy.

He said that more than 1,000 new patients are receiving radiation therapy as part of the treatment plan using isotopes iodine-131, lutetium-177 and actinium-225, adding that the department contributes to managing nearly 80 percent of cancer patients.

Dr Nuaimi said Kuwait Cancer Control Center has a central radiation pharmacy that provides all nuclear medicine services in Kuwait with radiation medicines that are ready for diagnosis and cancer treatment.

Kuwait Cancer Control Center has a cyclotron to produce short lived isotopes, and a facility to produce radiating pharmaceuticals. He lauded the role of the health ministry to construct a new cancer center that has six linear accelerators silos.

“We focus on educating the public about the role of nuclear medicine, awareness campaigns and workshops in addition to exhibitions that projects the importance of early discovery and diagnosis in order to increase people’s awareness,” Dr Nuaimi said.

He said there are consultation services to help cancer patients, noting that Kuwait Cancer Control Center designated special courses for nurses and health professionals on a regular basis to make sure that they are aware of the most recent developments in dealing with cancer patients to guarantee treatment and care.