Turkish Iftar and Suhoor experience at Gürkan Şef

Gürkan Şef is renowned for its good quality cuts and ambience

Iftar Menu at Gürkan Şef

Authentic Turkish steakhouse, Gürkan Şef is launching Iftar and Suhour set menus throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan.

A time when family and friends gather together to break the fast and spend time with each other, this Ramadan Gürkan Şef is launching delicious menus for all to enjoy once the sun has set.

The delicious Iftar set menu features a four course meal for just AED 149 per head while the Suhoor menu includes a three course meal for just AED 99 per head. Guests can feast on a variety of authentic Turkish dishes with savory and dessert items.

For Iftar, families and friends can break their fast with a range of authentic Turkish dishes including a selection of kebabs and Turkish specialties such as lentil soup, mixed grill platters, hummus and a delicious eggplant dip.

A choice of either Gullac, a Turkish dessert made with milk, pomegranate and the Gürkan Şef signature pastry or a fresh fruit platter is served to end the feast on a high note.

The Suhoor experience starts with the homemade Turkish flatbread and cold platters which include the Gürkan Şef shepherd salad made of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers with bursting Mediterranean flavors, an array of dates and olives and hot dishes such as yoghurt soup and su böreği- cheese pie and a fresh melon platter to savor on for dessert.

Gürkan Şef is renowned for its good quality cuts and ambience located at City Walk 2, Al Safa, book for reservation by calling 04 379 9777 or emailing [email protected]