Social media platform Twitter says it has added new features to Periscope, its video streaming app, including the ability to shoot and share videos in the landscape mode.

Periscope is a live-streaming app that allows users to share real-time videos to their followers. The app was launched on March 26, and Twitter announced on August 2 that it had crossed 10 million users in its first four or so months.

Last month, after some UAE users complained of not being able to access Periscope, the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulator Authority (TRA) confirmed that the app wasn’t blocked in the country and was simply facing technical snags, which were rectified within a week or so.

Now, Twitter says it has enhanced some features of the app to make it more user-friendly.

“When we first launched Periscope, we only supported portrait broadcasting. As much as we’re fans of portrait video, we know that there are times where the scene you’re trying to capture is best expressed in landscape. We know the community has been craving this feature — we wanted to be thoughtful about our approach to ensure a seamless experience across all of our platforms (iOS, Android and Web),” Twitter said in a blog post .

In the latest version of iOS and Android, Periscopers can now hold their phones either in portrait or landscape, it noted.

Other features that it has added include:

Share Context: In an update, Twitter has added an indicator beneath the shared broadcast’s title explaining who shared it with the user. Until now, users were left wondering why a broadcast showed up in their feed when someone they followed shares a broadcast and it appeared in their home feed.

Accessibility: In the new version, Twitter said it is taking large steps towards improving support for iOS accessibility features for making Periscope more accessible for visually impaired Periscopers. “We’ll continue to invest in this over time,” it added.

Mutual Follow: This update makes private broadcasting much easier on Android, says Twitter. When you start a private broadcast, you can choose from a list of mutual followers (people you follow, who also follow you). “We think this list is a more natural selection of people who you are likely to broadcast to. We’ve also added an option to quickly select all of your mutual follows. See something you want to share with your friends, but not the whole world? Check,” it said although it added that the feature is not yet available on iOS (coming soon).